independent people with disabilities equal to everyone else

We provide Disability support services in Westmeath, Longford and Roscommon.  

Call or email for any information


We provide information on payments and Supports for all Physical, Sensory, Mental and Emotional Disabilities.We are also in contact with Transport Associations to promote better transport facilities. We also organise a Disability Showcase Yearly.

Our Information Office stock Information from external organisations for a variety of Disabilities.

We provide support on all disability issues


We provide a wide range of Support for People with Disabilities, their Parents, Carers, Families and Communities.

We will contact any relevant Authorities for research on any query or issue you may have in your local area.

We are in close contact with all disability services throughout the midlands and will strive to help and support you.

We advocate on your behalf with external services and organisations


IPWD advocate for your Rights and promote Disability Awareness within our organisation and the wider community.

We Promote Self Advocacy and Self determination.

We Strive tor Equality in Education, Training, Employment and for Justice and Equality for all people with Disabilities

WE provide Braille printing services


Braille Printing Services Can be provided to whomever may need it as our Office holds a Braille Printer.

Our Friendly Staff will be happy to help with any need for these services, Literature and information.

All Information is Strictly Confidential so Come Along and Make yourself known to us!